Who We Are

H.I.S. Group was founded in Tokyo in 1980 by Hideo Sawada, which is now operating in travel, entertainment, agriculture, hotel, robotics and energy sectors. H.I.S Group has developed very rapidly, spread over a wide geography and currently is operating 528 offices worldwide with more than 18000 employees and 148 brands. WGBF is being organised by ExpoHIS, one of the corporate brands of H.I.S Group. ExpoHIS is an event company which organizes national and international exhibitions with its unique business model and “new generation event”.

What We Do

ExpoHIS, as the organiser company, we aim to bring sector professionals, service providers, and suppliers together at WGBF (World Golf Business Forum) with a professional approach to deliver a successful and memorable event and to re-connect the world after Covid-19. WGBF, which will be held for the first time in Belek, the golf paradise of Antalya, between 20 – 23 May 2021, is an international event that brings together the golf business world from different countries. It is a hub of business opportunities with the attendance of golf hotels, luxury hotel chains, golf courses, golf material suppliers, airlines, golf tour operators, golf media, advertising agencies and tourism boards from all over the world.  During the event, WGBF participants will have the chance to participate on panels and workshops, where the most important names of the golf tourism industry will be present. Further you can register for our traditional golf tournament to enjoy and experience the challenging golf courses in Belek. After dynamic and interactive meetings, you can relieve the tiredness of the day in our special social activities every evening. International business decisions must be based on rational reasons to build intercultural bridges. As ExpoHIS, our vision is to support building those bridges. Regarding this, we believe that our WGBF project will have a high impact on global platforms.  We would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to our supporters, sponsors and participants who are involved in this visionary project for their hard work and dedication.

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Get the most updates and news from the correct and authorized golf professionals in our industry.


Keep your existing network by attending WGBF.org and create more awareness of your company.

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Meet new and responsible people from golf industry worldwide during our forum.    

Have Fun

Fun is part of the life. Enjoy our after parties, golf tournaments and excursions during WGBT.org in Belek.

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Miklós Breitner

Founder, Golf Business Monitor