“World Golf Business Forum” takes place from 19 till 22 May 2022

“World Golf Business Forum” will take place at Turkey – Belek

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Apply on our website to attend the event or send an email to info@wgbf.org. Our team will contact you for accreditation.

You can apply on our website for sponsorship. Or send an email to info@wgbf.org in order to get more information.

  • For Suppliers – depending on the size of stand booked – accommodation for delegates on all inclusive bases in the Titanic De Luxe Resort, participation in all social events and meetings, airport transfers as well as stand design and construction
  • For Buyers – airport transfers, accommodation on all inclusive bases in the Titanic De Luxe Resort, participation in all social events and meetings

In case of cancellation due to Corona (SARS COV II – COVID 19), all payment will be re-embursed (no cancellation fee for Buyers and Suppliers)

The Region of Antalya has proofed to be very professional with the handling of the Corona Crises! The hotels are doing a magnificent job in Hygiene Control! The region of Antalya managed to stay open even for German Travellers who were not allowed to travel within Germany but are still allowed to fly to Antalya and back to Germany simply by showing a negative CORONA test.

  • Yes, even a 100% security can never be assured.
  • The resort is fully enclosed and we have control who accesses the hotel and event.
  • All participants will be Corona tested BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the event.
  • All staff are permanently monitored and tested.
  • All the resort is permanently hygienically monitored and disinfected.
  • Also, our VIP airport shuttles will be disinfected after each transfer and the number of passengers on board is strictly limited to 4 (four) persons per MERCEDES VITO (8 seater).
  • YES, CORONA testing is mandatory!
  • You need a negative test to enter Turkey!
  • This test you get upon arrival at AYT airport at a cost of € 20,- per test (because of that, the VISA fee has been voided, so there is no additional cost for you!)
  • Upon departure from AYT, you will be tested in the hotel, so you can present your test result when returning home.
  • Turkey is providing special “CORONA Hotels” for positively tested foreign persons.
  • You will be accommodated and you will receive all you need for the time of your quarantine
  • The cost will be covered by the Turkish Travel Insurance
  • After 10 days of quarantine you will be transferred to the airport for your return flight

Yes, it’s your responsibility to change your return flight (anyhow, you have 10 days to arrange this).

  • It’s the FIRST LIVE MEETING after the Corona Crisis
  • With paying the fee for your stand, no additional costs are involved except your flight as the event is ALL INCLUSIVE also for suppliers
  • The buyers visiting will be pre-selected by checking the references they provide and by limiting the access of buyers only being allowed if they can proof a turnover in excess of € 0,5 Mio. within the season 2018/2019 (so no “professional FAM trippers” will be allowed).
  • You will have a professional built stand with your company logo and image as issued to us (not a plain table as during other events).
  • Also, you will have your fix installed VIDEO/TV-SCREEN to project the contents you have on your PC/TABLET/Mobile-Device
  • YES – of course
  • BUT – As you know, this can always be an issue when hundrets of people use it the same time.
  • We recommend – as precaution – to buy a pre-paid DATA CARD at the airport for your mobile device
  • HOWEVER – we will do our best to provide you with a stable internet connection
  • YES and NO
  • Partners are welcome within the resort and during the social events
  • Access to the event is exclusive for registered buyers and suppliers and delegates
  • Additional cost for an accompanying partner in the same room is € 200,-
  • NO!
  • Due to Corona / Covid 19 we have to make sure, that SOCIAL DISTANCING is granted
  • Therefore, the maximum number of delegates is as follows
    • Basic Stand – 1 (one) delegate
    • Premium Stand – 2 (two) delegates
    • VIP Stand – 4 (four) delegates
  • Very easy: € 100,- is the average cost per meeting
  • We plan on 50 meetings per delegate (supplier)
  • Therefore the cost per meeting is the same regardless of stand size booked
  • HOSTED Buyers only pay the registration fee of € 199,- and all other activities, all inclusive accommodation, event, etc. will be included / free of charge
  • SEMI-HOSTED Buyers will have to pay the registration fee of € 199,- plus a special package fee of € 300,-. With this, all other activities, all inclusive accommodation, event, etc. will be included.

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